Yarn Quality Control

for open end spinning

Alternative product: YarnMaster 1N1

Your perfect solution is the 3N1. We provide long-standing and successful experience in optical measuring processes and ensure absolute precision in the detection and elimination of faults that can have negative effects on downstream processing or end products.


  • LabPack
  • Foreign Matter detection
  • Polypropylene detection

Top Standard+

online detection

  • Moir√© effects
  • Yarn count faults
  • Fibre sliver faults (CV%)
  • Thick and thin places
  • Imperfections (IPI)
  • Hairiness

User Interface

Central unit with touchscreen, USB and clear and simple operation.

Foreign Matters

Foreign matter detection is performed from all sides allowing a permanent all-side detection of foreign fibers. In this way, the F-sensor can distinguish exactly between faults classified for exactly determined lengths or the frequency of faults.

The real P SENSOR

Detection of synthetic foreign matter

  • Irrespective of the yarn color and the foreign matter, for example, white and transparent polypropylene in raw-white yarn
  • Even the finest foreign fibers
  • With highest reliability thanks to many years of practical experience