Yarn Quality Control

for winding

Alternative product: YarnMaster ZENIT

Market driven yarn clearing with LOEPFE ZENIT+ yarn clearers –  Built to see more!


  • constant quality guaranteed in the winding process
  • quick trend detection within production
  • easy-to-use
  • all settings at a glance
  • covers each and every application
  • online production monitoring with management cockpit
  • easy maintenance
  • data base for product and group settings


« Reliably see foreign matters thanks to Loepfe – the pioneer in foreign fibre detection.  »

  • Detection of colored foreign fibres in white and dyed yarn
  • Dark and bright foreign matters
  • alarm functions
  • multicolored dark and bright foreign matter classes simultaneously usable
  • for mélange yarn


« The invisible becomes visible with the real polyropylene sensor P3 »

  • patented solution is worldwide unique in yarn clearing
  • eleminates also at highest speeds smallest and disturbly PP fibres
  • white PP fibres itself  in white yarn
  • maximum clearing efficiency
  • setting aid simplifies achieving the optimal clearing limit

Being able to avoid foreign fibres from the bobbin, results in a clear economical advantage.

User Interface

  • sensing heads with unique double digit information interface
  • central unit with extra large touchscreen
  • all important information at a glance
  • real time data
  • essential quality data and trends
  • quality, production and off-limit reports
  • maintenance tool
  • shift reports for the latest 5 shifts
  • save settings and transfer them easily to other machines
  • detailed overview of reports can be transfered via USB or monitoring system

No control samples!

« Experienced spinning professionals no longer rely on control samples! »

  • hairiness
  • nep content
  • yarn irregularities CV%
  • diameter fluctuations VCV with variably adjustable check length
  • diameter-related imperfections IPI
      thick   +50%
      thin    -50%
  • IPI and off-limit alarm functions

« get 100% online verified quality »



  • LabPack
  • Foreign Matter detection
  • Polypropylene detection