Yarn Quality Control

for winding

Alternative product: YarnMaster ZENIT+

The future-oriented online quality control system is a completely new concept basing simultaneously on the vast experience gained with the successful YarnMaster Spectra.


  • LabPack
  • Foreign Matter detection
  • Polypropylene detection 

Top Standard+

  • Channel Clearing
  • Cluster Channel Clearing
  • Off-Standard Bobbin Detection (Option)
  • Class Clearing
  • Classification of Yarn Faults
  • Online Quality Data 

User Interface

  • Sensing heads with integrated 7-segment display.
  • Central unit with touchscreen, USB and clear and simple operation.

Foreign Matters

F Class Clearing: Foreign matter clearing with a precision not achieved until now. The smallest contrast differences are now also reliably detected in colored yarns.

Polypropylene - The real P SENSOR

Yarn contamination by polypropylene, polyester and other synthetic foreign matter causes production and quality losses.

  • A PP in carded cotton Ne 28
  • B PP in combed cotton Ne 155
  • A+B= costly PP fault in the dyed end product 

Detection of synthetic foreign matter

  • Irrespective of the yarn color and the foreign matter, for example, white and transparent polypropylene in raw-white yarn
  • Even the finest foreign fibers With highest reliability thanks to many years of practical experience