WeftMaster FWL Yarn Stop Motion

The Piezo-Electric Yarn Stop Motion Detects any Yarn Break or Yarn Stoppage

Various applications wherever threads must be continually monitored. For example on winding, parallel winding, sewing and knitting machines, etc.



FWL-R sensing head with logical signal output for activation of:

  • Loepfe RKL relay box
  • Relay in machine control
  • Machine control electronics

Operating voltage:
AC 12-30 V / DC 15 – 40 V


The FWL-S sensing heads and the SG-25 control form a unit for monitoring up to a

maximum of 25 yarn positions with common switch-off. The following additional functions are integrated in this version:

  • Individual display of yarn break position
  • Blocked display for external switch-off, e.g. for manual stop
  • Automatic start-up bridging via motor contactor
  • Test switch for functional check in case of machine standstill
  • Stop relay with automatic reset

Control unit supply voltage SG-25:
110 V – 575 V 50/60 Hz
Sensing head supply voltage:
DC 15 V