MillMaster TOP

Built to outperform

To produce high quality yarn, the Yarn clearer data in the winding process must be monitored continuously. Textile technologists know that higher quality yarn results in fewer interruptions in further processing. Fast follow-up processes or action can be done with the help of MillMaster TOP, the real time monitoring system.

Focus on Fast Information

The all new MillMaster TOP is your mill cockpit of the future, available today.
Seeking necessary data by checking every individual machine in the mill to
maintain high quality production now finally belongs to the past.

Convincing Facts

  • fast data exchange
  • installation and update made easy
  • comprehensive control
  • immediate overview on tablet
  • compare and optimize
  • quick results
  • state-of-the-art data management system
  • covers your needs
  • make your own selection
  • using standard formats

Benefits for Managers and Operators

MillMaster TOP with a wide choice of available options.

  • multi-client option (up to 8 workplaces are available)
  • extended connectivity (up to 7200 winding positions)
  • extended trend reports, for example for D and F clearing and for cut and uncut values (classification matrix)
  • extended off-limit report (percentage and standard deviation)
  • lab report
  • lot scheduler
  • clearer assistant (cut forecast)
  • database access for e.g. ERP system connection

and many more…….

Scope of functionality

Instant overview and control

  • up to 8 workplaces (fix or mobile)
  • connecting up to 7200 winding positions
  • machine overview with spindle group performance indicators. Traffic light colors show the performance level of your predefined criteria
  • flop view: worst performing spindle groups draw your attention 
  • lot view: lot-grouped overview of your production 
  • dashboard view: provides individual online data for each machine
  • trend monitoring for all data elements
  • off-limit report: worst performing spindles are shown for up to 10 preselected data elements
  • lot management: list report for lots in production
  • logbook for tracking of settings and group changes
  • article management 
  • clearer settings management
  • automatic software update and download option via cloud 
  • no periodical license fees

and many more…….

You are on top