WeftMaster CUT-iT

Hot-wire Cutter Control

Digitally controlled thermo cutters for separation of fusible synthetic fabrics.
«Top solution for technical fabrics»


  • Cutting and welding of thin, light to dense, heavy fusible fabrics
  • Top quality selvedges for airbag, geotextiles, carpet backing …
  • Up to four cutters at maximum temperature controlled with one unit
  • Offered ex-factory-installed by several machine manufacturers
  • Easy retrofit solution for all weaving machine types


  • Information Display for instantaneous status check
  • One unit controls up to four thermo cutters
  • Relaunches Loepfe Weftmaster TC1S and TC1SH for the digital era
  • DSP functionality ensures constant cutting energy
  • Professional solution for hot-wire fabric separation
  • User friendly interactive user interface
  • Storage of 10 operation parameter sets
  • Master-Slave function enables easy control of multiple cutter groups
  • Controlled boost and stand-by temperature
  • ensures fast start-up


  • One CUT-iT controller drives all cutter variants available
  • Runs from industry standard 24V power supply
  • High-efficiency electronics ensures cooler device and long life
  • Clean, sharp selvedges, digitally controlled
  • Maintenance free control unit
  • Microprocessor stabilized temperature control
  • Fast heating at machine start
  • Factory preset for each cutting wire type
  • Intuitive user interface

Control Unit

Hot Wire Cutters

Cutters with thermal and electrical insulating ceramic body

Standard types

  • Available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1mm to perfectly match your application
  • Flattened wire type covers most applications
  • Long, round wire type to cover fabric guiding variations

Types with Fabric pre-heating

  • Welding type
  • Steel body type for harsh environments
  • Special design to cope with special
    mounting conditions
  • Reinforced hot wire for heavy duty

Special applications

  • Pre-heating by parallel to fabric cutting wire
  • Heat-accumulating ceramic base pre-heats high tension fabrics and
    allows clean cuts at lower temperature. (for airbag, PP-fabrics etc.)