WeftMaster KW-1 Knot Detector

The piezo-electrical knot detector monitors simply and reliably all knots in running yarn.

Alternative product: WeftMaster FALCON-i


When a knot passes the sensor, a predefined action can be released, such:

  • stop activation at the textile machine
  • activating a weft accumulator
  • activating a cutter
  • activating a counter


  • compact and robust construction
  • quick reaction time
  • simple adjustment
  • suitable for finest yarns too
  • no wear and tear
  • no additional yarn tension
  • no faulty impulses by fluff
  • indicator lamp on amplifier box

Amplifier Box

The amplifier box is designed for the connection of 6 sensing heads. Additional heads can be connected in parallel. The evaluation is always routed over one common signal output.

  • at impulse operation short lighting up of reset button (red) 
  • at stop operation permanent lighting up of reset button (red), until the fault correction is confirmed by the operating personnel
  • outer dimensions: 130 x 90 x 40 mm 
  • power supply: AC 10-28 V/DC 15-36 V, 150 mA 
  • signal output: 2 switchable contacts 250 V/5 A