WeftMaster SFB-L Weft Thread Brake

for Projectile Weaving Machines

Minimum weft thread tension thanks to optimum brake timing ➜ Higher machine performance and better fabric quality


  • Guarantees optimum late braking start thanks to electronic control by the projectile sensor. This results in minimum, uniform weft thread tension.
  • Gentle braking of the weft threads with the LOEPFE brake assembly. Fewer weft breaks.
  • No change in brake performance due to yarn abrasion, thanks to the self-cleaning deviation principle.
  • All brake parts in contact with the thread are made of wear-resistant ceramic.
  • Sturdy construction of the brake assembly with only one movable part.
  • For retrofitting to all projectile weaving machines.


Preferably for use with filling threads with low tensile strength.

  • The resilient pressing system with gentle thread handling requires absolutely no initial tension of the filling thread, i.e. the output tension can be reduced to the absolute minimum on the accumulator.
  • The electromechanical system of the deflection brake head which has proven itself a thousand times in the weaving mill was retained.
  • All brake heads are exchangeable and can also be used in mixed operation on the multicolor weaving machines.
  • The control of the optimally delayed braking begin takes place by means of the patented projectile sensor with millisecond precision as with the delayed brakes.