WeftMaster FALCON-i
Optical Yarn Defects Sensor

Removing smallest knots, fluff and filamentation

Alternative product: WeftMaster KW


Loepfe’s novelty in optical quality assurance is reliably removing smallest yarn defects in the textile manufacturing process.

Wherever hardly detectable yarn faults can affect your valuable end product, you will prefer Loepfe’s FALCON-i as your companion for achieving quality beyond expectations.

The new optical yarn defects sensor FALCON-i is an important innovation to complement the solutions of the knotless weaving concepts. All conventional knot detectors have limitations in regard to the size of the yarn defects or knots to be detected. 

Problems faced in manufacturing high-tech fabrics, such as eliminating smallest knots, fluff or even filamentation from the weft yarn, are solved by installing FALCON-i yarn defects sensors.


Eliminated defects in multifilament yarn:



  • wide yarn range:  20 – 3000 dTex
  • color of yarn does not matter
  • yarn speed up to 30 meters/second
  • conductive materials (carbon fibers)
  • monofilament or multifilament yarns
  • chemical resistant housing

Advantages & Features

  • detects fluff, knots and filamentation
  • easy, intuitive user interface
  • one button operation
  • settable sensitivity level to match your end-product quality requirements
  • automatic or manual setting of sensitivity
  • processor controlled optical detection engine
  • fast, uncomplicated installation and setup 
  • industry Standard Connector
  • PNP and NPN signal output
  • evaluation electronics shielded against electrostatic  or electronic magnetic interference
  • only minimal yarn deflection needed
  • Other sensors can be omitted or replaced by FALCON-i