Data Management

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LabMaster TOP serves as the data system connecting the LabMaster YARNMAP to the desks of the decision makers. All test results are synchronized regularly to make them available for further evaluations by value-added reports which are clear and understandable. LabMaster TOP reports focus on data analysis required to deliver consistent quality in the spinning mill.

Data monitoring for yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification

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Data Management


Data Management

Spinning is a very old technique, which has been invented at least 8,000 years ago. Today, modern spinning mills use the same basic techniques, but modern automated machines replace traditional craftsmanship. As a result the output is much higher and – also very important – the produced yarns have a much better quality. And it is the quality of the yarn, which is essential for modern clothing, which people like to wear around the globe. However, in order to reach the highest standards of quality, a lot of data needs to be managed and analyzed by the spinning mills.

importance of Data Management IN THE TEXTILE LABORATORY

Quality control from the bale to the yarn takes place in the textile laboratory. This is crucial to ensure the quality along the production process in a spinning mill. The quality of the fiber from the raw material to spinning is measured regularly just as the quality of the yarn as the final product.

Numerous instruments in the textile laboratory test a large number of fiber and yarn characteristics, which are relevant to achieve a high quality product. Fiber testing ensures the quality of the raw material and the performance of the preparation processes, which is essential for a trouble-free production in the spinning mill. The yarn as the final product is tested as well for various parameters that are important for the next processes and the appearance in the garment.

The detailed analysis of all test results is used to adjust the machine settings, in order to optimize maintenance intervals and to support the consistent drive to improve the quality of each process step. This data management is essential to stay competitive and to be a reliable partner in the supply chain. Also, customers expect prove of quality by receiving the corresponding test reports together with every batch of yarn.

It can be challenging to handle the large amount of data, which is produced by the different instruments in the textile laboratory every day. The test results need to be checked and analyzed in order to improve production and to guarantee high quality. Loepfe´s LabMaster Top is the central data management system in the textile Laboratory. It collects the results from all Loepfe laboratory instruments and processes them into various value-added reports, such as sample reports, graphical reports, classification reports, internal benchmarking, trend and comparison analysis. The reports support the decision making process within the production of the spinning mill. Eventually, approved quality reports are provided for the customers together with every lot of yarn produced in the spinning mill.

Our customers know – with Loepfe their quality is mapped.