LabMaster YARNMAP is designed to increase yarn testing efficiency tremendously with regard to time, space, maintenance and operator attendance. All kinds of short and long staple yarns are tested fully automatically while at the same time preparation products of the spinning mill can be tested simultaneously on a second capacitive sensor.

5-in-1 Yarn Testing

  • Automated testing
  • Highest testing efficiency
  • Simultaneous measurements

Data monitoring for yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification

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Yarn Testing


Yarn testing

It is a long way from the raw cotton bale to the final clothing; many production steps are necessary along this way. No matter if the clothing is made from knitted or woven fabric, a high quality yarn is the basis for a high quality end product. Therefore quality control of the yarn as the end product of the spinning process is crucial in textile industry.

importance of Yarn Testing IN THE TEXTILE LABORATORY

Yarn quality can be specified by various measures, which depend heavily on the individual type of yarn. The five standard parameters are the yarn count, evenness, hairiness, strength, and elongation. Textile companies, which are purchasing yarns from a spinning mill for knitting or weaving, have to rely on the quality of the yarn they receive. The yarn parameters have to meet the given requirements and therefore have to be tested in the textile laboratory on a regular basis. Customers take it for granted, that certain standard tests are done, and expect the corresponding test reports together with the delivery of every batch of yarn.

All-in-one solution for yarn testing

The testing of all five standard parameters in the textile laboratory can be time consuming, especially when every test needs a separate instrument. Combining the measurement of these parameters into one instrument increases the efficiency in the textile laboratory significantly. Loepfe‘s Labmaster YARNMAP offers such a 5-in-1-testing solution and in addition a fully automated yarn testing procedure. As a result the efficiency increases and the reaction time to off-quality results is reduced considerably. Due to the ever-rising labor costs, the efficiency in all aspects of the spinning mill has to be evaluated, and solutions need to be found to keep the spinning mill profitable. Automation of processes is one possible solution. The concept of the Loepfe instrument supports the need of a high degree of automation in spinning mills.

In addition to the fully automatic testing procedure the YARNMAP has an additional sensor, which is able to measure the most important quality parameters of the preparation products like sliver and roving. This is another unique feature of the instrument, which allows the operator to test the preparation products simultaneously during the automatic yarn testing.

Our customers know – with Loepfe their quality is mapped.