Higher production efficiency

According to calculations within different weaving mills, an average increase in efficiency of 3% has been achieved when using the Loepfe weft thread brake WeftMaster SFB-L.

3% increase of efficiency results in an additional profit of around USD 6250.-- to USD 9370.-- per year. Consequently the weft thread brake WeftMaster SFB-L is amortized within a very short time, i.e. in the present case within less than 4 months.

The following calculation is based on the details given from the weaving mills and for unknown parameters has been indicated an estimated value.


Number of weaving machines 100 P7100 ES, 10 TW-11 ES
Speed/number of picks per minute 420
Production of 100'000 picks in 4 hours / machine
Production of 600'000 picks in 24 hours / machine
Number of weft breaks 4 - 6 per 100'000 picks
Number of weft breaks 30 per machine / 24 hours
Total number of weft breaks 3000 per 100 machines / 24
Total time consumption / repair of weft breaks 3000 x 4 min. = 12000 min. = 200 hours



By using the electronic weft thread brake WeftMaster SFB-L, the number of weft breaks can be reduced with at least 50%, which means:

Reduction of weft breaks instead of 6, only 2 - 3 per 100'000 picks
Total reduction of weft breaks Ø 6000 min. / 24 h / 100 machines
Reduction of weft break repair time Ø 100 hours on average
Resulting in an increase in efficiency of Ø 3% on average


Using the weft thread brake WeftMaster SFB-L pays off quickly and clearly ameliorates the quality of the fabric. Each weft break is a potential fault source (among others starting defects, formation of stripes etc.).


Weft thread brake
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