Yarn evenness has a direct influence on the fabric appearance. Cloudiness, stripes or simply uneven fabric appearance are one of the most frequent complaints for spinning mills. Therefore, it is so important to control the evenness of the yarn and all intermediate products in the prior production processes. If this is done consequently, the results will be an even yarn.


The YARNMAP measures the mass evenness of sliver, roving and yarn with a capacitive sensor. Samples are tested automatically with a yarn handling arm. The measurement of sliver and roving are supported by an Autofeeder in order to guide a tension-free material to the second capacitive sensor. Tests of yarn and sliver/roving can take place simultaneously, making the instrument highly efficient.


5-in-1 Yarn Testing

  • Automated testing
  • Highest testing efficiency
  • Simultaneous measurements


Data monitoring for yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification