The consequences of hairiness and its variation are diverse. Besides an unclear fabric appearance, the uptake of dyestuff can vary considerably, if the hairiness is not even. Yarn with high hairiness can result in stripes in woven or knitted fabric. Another effect of high hairiness can be knotting of loose fibers on the fabric surface also known as pilling.


The Loepfe YARNMAP offers an optical sensor to measure the hairiness index of a yarn and the hairiness variation. These parameters are accurate, precise and highly reproducible. The hairiness index is used across the textile and apparel industry as a basis for contracts and agreements and is understood by all players.

Hairiness is not even


5-in-1 Yarn Testing

  • Automated testing
  • Highest testing efficiency
  • Simultaneous measurements


Data monitoring for yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification