Micronaire and maturity


A characteristic parameter of the fiber fineness and the maturity is the Micronaire value. The measurement of the Micronaire is an evaluation of the air permeability of the cotton sample. A low average Micronaire value can be achieved e.g. by a high proportion of immature fibers or by fine fibers. With a double compression air flow the fineness and the maturity can be measured separately.
The cotton fiber consists of cell wall and lumen. The Maturity index is an indication of the cell wall thickness. Immature fibers have neither adequate strength nor adequate longitudinal stiffness, they therefore lead to:

  • loss of yarn strength
  • neppiness
  • a high proportion of short fibers
  • varying dyeability
  • processing difficulties, mainly at the card

Solution - Measuring principle

Air permeability of a cotton sample of certain weight and fixed volume. Air permeability depends on the number of fibers in the sample and their surface (independently of the cross-section). The resulting value is known as the “Micronaire Index”.

With the Contamination-, Micronaire- and Maturity-Module of the FIBERMAP these values can be determined very simple and fully automatic.



Fiber Classing

  • Cotton classing
  • Stickiness measurement and grading
  • Automated testing


Data monitoring for fiber and yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification