Cotton Stickiness Test

Stickiness Formation

In the majority of cases, honeydew infestation occurs in cotton plantations by aphids or the so-called “Whitefly“. The excretions of these pests consist of fine drops of sugared water which is caramelized when warmed up and therefore causes stickiness in the cotton. There are also other sticky substances, such as grease, seed oils, etc.

Measuring Principle

The web runs through two rollers heated to 35°C and is pressed. Pressing causes the sticky points to adhere to the rollers and to be counted by the FIBERMAP laser beam and classified according to size. The deposits are removed by the scraper knives and then suctioned off.

Stickiness drums


Fiber Classing

  • Cotton classing
  • Stickiness measurement and grading
  • Automated testing


Data monitoring for fiber and yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification