Strength & elongation


The strength and the elongation of a yarn are mainly important for the following processes after spinning, i.e. knitting and weaving. For a good processability of a yarn, it is important that first of all the average strength is meeting the requirements of the subsequent process, but also to be able to resist the highest peaks which occur e.g. during weft insertion on a weaving machine.


International standards define the measuring principles and process how the strength and elongation of a yarn has to be measured. The YARNMAP works according to the principle of "Constant Rate of Extension", which is extending a single yarn between two pairs of clamps until the yarn breaks. Besides the standard clamp speed of 5000 mm/min, the user can select also from a list of other pre-defined clamp speeds.

The measurement of the strength and elongation is done automatically and will be performed together with the other parameters of the yarn, like count, evenness and hairiness.

Force-Elongation Diagramm


5-in-1 Yarn Testing

  • Automated testing
  • Highest testing efficiency
  • Simultaneous measurements


Data monitoring for yarn testing

  • Value-added reports
  • Data for quality management
  • Customer specific sample identification