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all-color foreign matter detection

PRISMA’s all-color foreign matter detection provides spinning mills with new possibilities in terms of quality, profitability and raw material utilization.

The unique RGB technology achieves outstanding measuring accuracy. Previously undetectable disturbing contaminations can now be removed while the non-disturbing matter are correctly classified. Offering the most efficient foreign matter detection, resulting in flawless yarn quality, increased profitability and improved raw material utilization.

RGB technology uses the additive RGB color model to illuminate yarn in the full spectrum of light. The detection of foreign matter and organic components of cotton within their true colors opens up new possibilities for recognition and classification. Enabling monitoring of all foreign matter, smallest shade and glossiness differences in any type of yarn and color and mixtures thereof.  This allows not only the removal of everything unwanted, but also for leaving what is not disturbing. Fulfilling the ultimate goal of producing the needed yarn quality with the highest efficiency.

Figure 1: RGB color lightning within the clearing channel

Optimized reflection and adapted optical technology in PRISMA further results in 360° all-round monitoring. This novel clearing technology achieves unprecedented precision in the yarn clearing of staple fibers.

Figure 2: How foreign matter is seen by the sensors
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Yarn quality control for winding

  • Dual measurement (Basic yarn faults)
  • RGB F-sensor (Foreign matter)
  • P4-Sensor (Polypropylene)