YarnMaster® PRISMA Bobbin startup alarm:

  • Less: Yarn waste

  • Higher: Production efficiency

  • Better: Material process monitoring

Reducing yarn waste and maximizing raw material utilization are key factors to improve profitability. PRISMA focuses entirely on spinners’ needs and keeps on adding new features through regular software updates.

The latest PRISMA 2022-H2 software update offers quality managers and operators two new textile alarm features, the Length limit alarm and the Bobbin startup alarm, as well as optimized and centralized alarm management for repetitive fault types. All new functionalities contribute to a significant reduction in yarn waste, boost winder and production efficiency, and offer a smooth second-level yarn quality process.

New Bobbin startup alarm – boosts profitability

The Bobbin startup alarm is the perfect solution for any spinning mill looking to increase its profitability. This textile alarm detects bobbins with the wrong count, and optionally with the wrong color, within the first wound 11 to 20m, providing the fastest detection of faulty bobbins on the market. The Bobbin startup alarm will reduce hard waste and improve production efficiency, while also providing the ability to classify cuts and monitor material processes more efficiently.

The Bobbin startup alarm is preferably used on winding machines with the round magazine to immediately alarm bobbins with different yarn properties. PRISMA offers innovative ways to reduce waste and further enhance the production process irrespective of the yarn type, the raw material processed, and process-related differences. The Bobbin startup alarm is automatically active after every bobbin change for the first 20 meters of wound yarn.

Example OffCount Bobbin Startup Alarm with a set length limit of 12m and 10% deviation

New functionalities of PRISMA software update 2022-H2:

The alerting of bobbins with yarn faults or yarn structure deviations, that occur in an unacceptable quantity, is one of the most important tasks of intelligent yarn clearing. Cutting is one way to eliminate faults, however the more economical and sustainable way is to optimize clearer settings based on detailed knowledge about fault diameters, fault lengths and deviations from set limits.

Through regular software updates, PRISMA keeps adding new features and now offers:

  • New Length limit alarm – Boosts winding machine and production efficiency with fewer splices and less hard waste.

  • New Bobbin startup alarm – Detects bobbins with the wrong count, and optionally with the wrong color, within the first wound 20m resulting in less hard waste and correct classification of the cut, improving the monitoring of the material process.

  • Optimized and centralized alarm management – Centralized alarm management for OffStandard bobbins and their repetitive faults.

PRISMA matrix clearing
PRISMA length limit alarm
PRISMA centralized alarm management


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation