Observing an interesting trend

Focusing on Indonesia

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. exhibited in Indo Intertex, which was held in Jakarta in April 2018. “We show our continuous commitment for this very dynamic market, by participating in this event since several years”, says Elvio Re Sarto, Sales Manager. With 32,987 m2 and 912 exhibitors from over 23 countries, the exhibition grew some 2 % compared to 2016. The exhibition has been a large success for Loepfe as several projects could be transformed into concrete business opportunities during the exhibition.

Since several decades, Indonesia is among the five biggest markets for spinning applications. Today, an ongoing trend of consolidation towards a few big groups can be observed. Mergers and acquisitions led to the situation, that around 65 % to 70 % of all spinning capacity in Indonesia is in the hand of seven or eight major players in the market. This concentration of the spinning market is foreseen to continue over the next years. 

Loepfe, which is strongly committed to the Indonesian market, is the preferred supplier of the most of the major players. Thanks to modern technology, Loepfe´s products are of highest quality, work absolutely reliable, and lead to efficiency increases in the spinning mill. These are the main reasons for an excellent reputation of the 100 % Swiss-made products. Together with local service partner, which offer efficient after-sales service and maintenance facilities, Loepfe was able to build strong customer relationships in Indonesia. Today, the company has a market share of more than 70 %. With its new co-operation partner, Nutek (www.nutek-km.com), Loepfe continues its engagement in this important market.