Wetzikon, Switzerland, August 2018 - As a continuation of last year's successful apprentice camp, this apprentice camp was also a great experience for learners and instructors, thanks to activities such as hiking, riding scooters or paddling rubber dinghies.

The first big activity was hiking in Engadin. Some company employees accompanied us as we enjoyed the wonderful view in mostly sunny weather. During the hike we looked forward to the “Älplermagronen” (traditional shepherd's macaroni) but unfortunately the owners of Alp Laret had completely forgotten that we were coming. But they were able to react quickly, and so we had noodles with bacon instead, rounded off with fine “Kaiserschmarren” (chopped pancakes with raisins and fruit compote).

We were very lucky with the weather when we were paddling. We started paddling with heavy thunderstorms to our right and left and above us was the only free strip with sunshine. The water was pleasantly cool, so many of us spent time swimming and the rain only started as we were packing the dinghies. Another highlight was the scooter ride. It was great fun to race down the mountain with the large scooters. Unfortunately for some this experience was clouded by small accidents, but fortunately nobody fell down the mountain.

Wednesday was a super day because we could organize the day ourselves. The topic was culture, so we organized a guided tour of a hydroelectric power plant in the morning and a visit to a local brewery in the afternoon, including a tasting session. We also cooked a regional evening meal. During the meal Nick mentioned how surprised he was that nothing was broken during the cooking. Unfortunately though, there was a board on the still warm stove when we wanted to start washing up!

All in all, the camp was a complete success, also because of the delicious food the kitchen served us every day. The camp was also an experience from which we benefited as a team.