Since the launch of the two instruments “Loepfe LabMaster FIBERMAP” and “Loepfe LabMaster YARNMAP” valuable customer feedback has been collected. During this time, a clearer picture of the customer wishes and needs has been developed. During this time Loepfe concentrated mainly on the development of YARNMAP, whereas Mesdan focused their work on the fiber testing side. 

Hence, it has been decided that the former LabMaster FIBERMAP will be taken over by Mesdan and re-designed under the new instrument name Mesdan CONTEST-F. This instrument is developed to measure cotton fiber properties and stickiness in the same testing cycle.

The development of the all-in-one yarn testing instrument LabMaster YARNMAP will be continued by Loepfe. As a manufacturer of online yarn quality control systems Loepfe brings the essential knowledge to this product group.


5-in-1 Yarn Testing

  • Automated testing
  • Highest testing efficiency
  • Simultaneous measurements