Fully optimized production for maximum competitiveness

Focusing on Taiwan

Wetzikon, Switzerland, August 2019 – Over the last years, the textile industry in Taiwan has to deal with a tough business environment. Compared to other countries in the region wages are not only relatively high, but they are still rising. As a result there have been no investments in new spinning capacities in Taiwan for years. Taiwanese spinning companies are investing mainly in China and Vietnam, utilizing the advantageous cost structure in these countries. Today, Taiwanese spinning mills are operating 1.35 Million spindles in China and 450,000 spindles in Vietnam, while there are only 500,000 spindles in operation in Taiwan itself.

Highest efficiency is one measure to ensure profitable operation of spinning mills in Taiwan even under these difficult circumstances. Therefore Taiwanese spinning mills became premium users of Loepfe´s data management cockpit MillMaster TOP. With only few exceptions, all spinning mills in Taiwan are using this innovative real-time monitoring system. Main advantage for the spinners is the precise and integrated overview of the quality assurance process from winding department. Informative graphical reports help to quickly localize errors in order to eliminate them as fast as possible. These measures lead to an optimized production with consistently high quality, while reducing the maintenance costs.

Loepfe is regularly holding trainings in Taiwan, where quality managers of spinning mills can increase their knowledge. As a result, MillMaster TOP is the standard tool for production planning and trend analysis in Taiwanese spinning mills. In addition Loepfe is offering local support within the Elitec/Loepfe Taiwan Service Station in Taipei. All sorts of requests are handled there: From technical support and training to service calls. Since many years, Loepfe´s service is supporting the customers in reaching their quality and efficiency targets. Loepfe sales team says: “Taiwanese spinning mills realized in a very early stage, that optimizing their production will help them to reach highest efficiency, which enables them to stay competitive. We are very happy, that they are using our proven products, and are looking forward to continue a stable development of textile industry in Taiwan together with our customers.”