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Optimized performance for all yarn styles.

Wetzikon, Switzerland, November 2019 - For the first time the brand-new yarn clearer YarnMaster PRISMA will be shown in Asia at the Shanghaitex 2019. With multi-sensor measurement design and new functionalities this next generation of yarn clearers will support spinners all around the world in mastering daily quality control. The YarnMaster PRISMA combines new and established sensor technologies in one device. Four sensor technologies interact intelligently and ensure unprecedented fault visibility and data quality. The unconventional new concept addresses all yarn quality problems related to material and the spinning process with a universal and multi-dimensional approach.

Additionally, the recently launched YarnMaster EOS, will be presented. The optoelectronic YarnMaster EOS stands for efficient yarn clearing through reliable clearing results in the open-end spinning process.

Zero-defect manufacturing of high tech fabrics.

Focus on WeftMaster FALCON-i. With its reliable yarn quality control of the latest high-tech materials such as carbon fibers, monofilaments, multi-filaments as well as spun yarns in all material compositions. The optical yarn defect sensor removes smallest knots, fluff, filamentation, thick places and capillary breaks before being interwoven into the fabric. The sensor is being used more and more for safety-critical applications such as fabrics for airbags, tire cords, filtration materials, architectural fabrics and sailcloth where quality requirements are very high.


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Dual measurement (Basic yarn faults)
  • RGB F-sensor (Foreign matter)
  • P4-Sensor (Polypropylene)


Optical yarn defects sensor

  • Smallest knots, fluff and filamentation


Yarn quality control for open-end spinning

  • Moir√©
  • Evenness
  • Spectrogram