A world first - are you ready for more productivity by reducing your cut-rate by up to 20%?

For the first time, there are no more compromises - now you can have quality AND efficiency. YarnMaster PRISMA® offers spinners FOUR sensor technologies integrated into ONE single sensing head. This breakthrough in yarn clearing technology focuses entirely on the needs of spinners. The fusion of all its advantages brings a whole new level of precision to yarn clearing - and thus maximum productivity.

The increase in productivity is already massive during basic yarn clearing. Loepfe's unique and intelligent Dual Measurement technology provides unprecedented defect visibility and data quality. The various yarn faults are detected more accurately than ever before by intelligently combining the signals of the two measurement methods. This ensures optimized performance for all yarn types, as only the most precise measurement offers the great advantage of accurately distinguishing between an objectionable and a non-objectionable yarn defect. In this way, the spinner can decide whether to reduce the cut-rate by up to 20% while maintaining the same yarn quality or to achieve a higher yarn quality with the same cut-rate. This is the essence of achieving optimum quality and efficiency - and thus maximum productivity.

Open up new worlds - the YarnMaster® PRISMA generation!

This next-generation yarn clearer system focuses entirely on the spinners’ needs. The four-sensor technology guarantees the four key benefits - Productivity, Profitability, Versatility and Reliability - at all times.

YarnMaster PRISMA represents the new benchmark that opens up new worlds where efficiency and quality are in balance, yarn waste and energy are reduced, one device covers all challenges and Swiss-made quality is the standard.

Get ready to dive into new worlds:

  • Productivity    Balanced efficiency and quality
  • Profitability     Yarn waste and energy reduction
  • Versatility       No limits in material, color, climate, yarn count
  • Reliability       Swiss-made and first-class service


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation


Real-time data monitoring for winding

  • Production planning
  • Trend analysis
  • Mobility