A world first – are you ready for more profitability through reduced splices and less yarn waste?

Throughout the development of YarnMaster PRISMA, everything revolved around the daily challenges of spinning mills. Solutions for the everyday, but also for the more unusual challenges in yarn production have been incorporated into this yarn clearer and have made it the new global benchmark.

With its focus on continuous, smooth production, the new YarnMaster PRISMA offers maximum profitability and unleashes its full potential already at its most fundamental function of basic yarn clearing.

The application of intelligent clearing and alarm algorithms also unlocks various other advantages – e.g. machine efficiency is increased by capturing and cutting very long defects in a single operation instead of executing several successive cuts as known from conventional yarn clearers. Illustrated by an example, this means: With a conventional yarn clearer a yarn count fault with a length of 25 meters, monitored with an observation length setting of 10 meters and depending on count channel characteristic, is either

a) partially removed with 2 cuts, resulting in 2 winding position stops, 2 splices and correspondingly 2 winding position cycles, each cycle extracting ~10m of faulty yarn and eventually even leaving ~5m of faulty yarn on the cone!

b) fully removed with 3 cuts, resulting in 3 winding position stops, 3 splices and correspondingly 3 winding position cycles, whereas first two cycles are extracting ~10m of yarn and last cycle ~5m or more.

Not so with YarnMaster PRISMA - despite the monitoring length of 10 meters, the applied adaptive algorithm and the intelligent combination of the measured data recognizes the continuing yarn count fault and removes the faulty length (in this example 25 meters) in ONE single intervention. By reducing the number of winding stops and along with it also reducing the number of splice cycles, machine efficiency increases noticeably.

Furthermore, unnecessary winding position cycles and associated productivity losses are also reduced by means of the unique and intelligent YarnMaster PRISMA Dual Measurement technology. The seamless combination of optical and capacitive measuring methods enables a reduction in the cutting rate of up to 20% while still maintaining the same yarn quality, and this already with the clearers basic version. This results in a further essential customer benefit significantly reducing yarn waste - ultimately minimizing the waste of valuable raw materials and energy.

YarnMaster PRISMA not only offers tangible advantages in basic yarn clearing, but also combines these with fewer machine stops, fewer cuts while maintaining the same yarn quality, thus increasing the profitability of each and every spinning mill.

Read HERE more about reduced cuts, balanced efficiency and quality with YarnMaster PRISMA.

Open up new worlds - the YarnMaster® PRISMA generation!

This next-generation yarn clearer system focuses entirely on the spinners’ needs. The four-sensor technology guarantees the four key benefits - Productivity, Profitability, Versatility and Reliability - at all times.

YarnMaster PRISMA represents the new benchmark that opens up new worlds where efficiency and quality are in balance, yarn waste and energy are reduced, one device covers all challenges and Swiss-made quality is the standard.

Get ready to dive into new worlds:

  • Productivity    Balanced efficiency and quality
  • Profitability     Yarn waste and energy reduction
  • Versatility       No limits in material, color, climate, yarn count
  • Reliability       Swiss-made and first-class service


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation


Real-time data monitoring for winding

  • Production planning
  • Trend analysis
  • Mobility