What if a yarn has to be so perfect that barely the sight of the human eye is sufficient to control it? What if a yarn must be absolutely flawless to meet the ultimate highest standards? What if the order demands the absolute super yarn?

Not an everyday requirement for yarn producers, but one that results in the stunning masterpieces we see floating down the red carpet at international premieres and celebrations - where only perfection in fabric appearance and touch and feel is acceptable.

How do you meet such a customer requirement?

The spinning mills that receive such orders are all masters of their trade and are aware of how challenging the production of a so-called super yarn is and what effort it takes to meet the demands of these special end-customers.

Now the super yarn manufacturers get the ultimate support – with no limits. The YarnMaster PRISMA offers the ultimate versatility and delivers the most accurate and reliable results - regardless of material, color, climate, yarn count. It also delivers unprecedented clearing performance, as the YarnMaster PRISMA detects foreign matter which can barely be seen by the naked eye.

No conventional yarn clearer has been able to detect such small foreign matter and deviations which are just a nuance away from the basic yarn color. These results belong to a new set of setting classes effectively extending the foreign matter classification matrix. The I, R, and O classes.

The integration of a PRISMA sensor in the winding process offers the spinner maximum reliability in achieving the required quality at all levels up to the absolute highest - and this, under all circumstances.

But how does the new generation of yarn clearers achieve this new level of foreign matter detection?

The YarnMaster PRISMA F-sensor illuminates the yarn in the full spectrum of light using the additive RGB color model. This unique technology for yarn quality control which uses the three primary colors red, green and blue, adding wavelength-for-wavelength to enable world-unique full-color monitoring. This unparalleled full-color functionality heralds in a new era of foreign matter detection which enables unprecedented reliability in the detection of foreign matter - in all colors – even delicate shades and whatever the glossiness differences, in any type of yarn, or indeed in any color and mixtures thereof!

Open up new worlds - the YarnMaster® PRISMA generation!

This next-generation yarn clearer system focuses entirely on the spinners’ needs. The four-sensor technology guarantees the four key benefits - Productivity, Profitability, Versatility and Reliability - at all times.

YarnMaster PRISMA represents the new benchmark that opens up new worlds where efficiency and quality are in balance, yarn waste and energy are reduced, one device covers all challenges and Swiss-made quality is the standard.

Get ready to dive into new worlds:

  • Productivity    Balanced efficiency and quality
  • Profitability     Yarn waste and energy reduction
  • Versatility       No limits in material, color, climate, yarn count
  • Reliability       Swiss-made and first-class service


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation


YarnMaster® PRISMA - RGB full color monitoring


YarnMaster® PRISMA - Reduce your cut-rate by up to 20%