Quality assurance and production efficiency for screen printing? Challenge accepted by WeftMaster sensors. World market leaders in screen printing have relied for years on WeftMaster SW-G and SFW-L for perfect results and smooth production.

In the screen printing process, some of the smallest threads are woven, making the demands on the sensors used for quality monitoring very high.

Sensors must be able to detect thread in thicknesses of only 16 μm – thinner than a human hair! They must ensure a reliable machine stop in the event of a missing weft thread in order to guarantee the flawless quality of the end product.

At the same time, a false signal would trigger an unnecessary stop of the machine causing a negative impact on efficient and profitable production.

That’s why Loepfe is the main supplier for specialists in the challenging screen printing environment.

And why WeftMaster sensors SFW-L and SW-G are used all around the globe to ensure successful production.

The weft stop motion sensors detect any yarn break or yarn stoppage. The movement of the weft yarn is detected up to the fabric selvedge with piezo-electric signal transducers.

Reliable monitoring of the weft insertion is performed on the overall fabric width and even works for different weft yarns. The weft yarn moves over the sensing device without additional tension and with only little deviation.

The WeftMaster SW sensors are part of Loepfe’s unique product portfolio providing weavers with quality assurance and production efficiency.



Weft stop motion for highly sensitive applications