Mr. Elvio Re Sarto, Loepfe’s Sales Representative

Turkey is and remains a key player in the textile business. With a high focus on excellent quality and flexibility in quantities, Turkish spinning mills are always on the lookout for new technologies that give them another competitive edge.

The possibility of higher efficiency in yarn production while still maintaining yarn quality through basic yarn clearing is one of the key advantages of YarnMaster PRISMA. Turkish spinning mills have therefore switched to the new yarn clearer generation in a targeted manner and on a large scale

The latest spinning mills equipped with PRISMA are mostly medium to large companies that produce mainly compact yarns Ne 20 up to Ne 80, and combed yarns Ne 20 – Ne 40. Among others, these are well-known denim producers, who, in particular, have been waiting for a perfectly functioning combination of mass and diameter measurement for their denim yarn (core and dual core Ne 7 – Ne 24) production. The innovative concept of YarnMaster PRISMA's dual measurement technology relying on the measuring accuracy of both sensor technologies is the ideal solution for reliable detection of missing elastane cores or off-centric cores.

In the highly competitive denim market, constant innovation and use of new technologies is the prerequisite for success. In addition to the demand for quality, which also stems from the increasing expectations of the end consumer, the denim market is characterized by high quantities with small margins. To be successful in this market, the efficiency of production must be driven to an absolute maximum. Here too, PRISMA supports with a possible reduction of the cut rate by up to 20% in basic yarn clearing while maintaining the same quality. Taking this a step further, machine efficiency is increased by reducing the number of winding stops and along with it, also reducing the number of splice cycles. This is the essence of balanced efficiency and quality - and thus maximum productivity.

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All-in-all, the spinning mills of Turkey are deliberately and strategically using new technologies that put ease-of-use at the core.

Mr. Elvio Re Sarto, Loepfe’s Sales Representative responsible for the Turkish market says: “After a lifelong career spent in supporting and helping our valuable customers and friends, who have struggled with available technologies and their unavoidable limitations, the launch of PRISMA has been the realization of a great dream.

By no longer having to deal with the two opposing technologies - optical and mass related - we were finally able to offer all spinners the real benchmark product which no longer requires any compromises between efficiency and quality.

Further supported by the innovative RGB full color monitoring, using the full spectrum of light by identifying foreign matter with their own real color and not only by ‘contrast’ PRIMSA attains an unimaginable performance level in foreign matter detection.

While everybody confirms that today complaints about yarns are 60% contamination related, Loepfe has again taken a pioneering role in this segment.

PRISMA is an outstanding solution offering many benefits for my clients which also paints a very successful picture in terms of sales results. Today PRISMA has been introduced in all of the most important textile markets in the regions which I cover - Turkey, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Perú - and in some of those countries, on a scale of several tens of thousands of devices.”


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation


YarnMaster® PRISMA - Reduce your cut-rate by up to 20%


YarnMaster® PRISMA - Reduced cutting and less yarn waste