Retrofit and save costs!


Field study results leave no doubt about the technological advantage of YarnMaster® PRISMA. The study took place in India at a Loepfe customer’s plant to measure YarnMaster® PRISMA on productivity (cut-rate), resulting fabric quality and cost savings.

PRISMA proves to be the right choice for profitable yarn cleaning in the application of 100% cotton Ne 30 and Ne 40 produced for quality fabrics.

  • Waste cost savings Ne 30 / Year in USD 669.30
  • Energy and air cost savings Ne 30 / Year in USD 1320.90
  • Productivity savings Ne 30 / Year in USD 526.20
  • Total winding machine savings Ne 30 / Year in USD 2516.40

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Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation