Millmaster TOP

Management Cockpit

Fully optimized production for a consistent yarn quality.

  • Informative and graphical reports for: Lots, shifts and intermediate shifts, spindles, groups, yarn counts, articles/lots, articles/shifts
  • Trend analyses compare the output of different machines over time and ensure a continuous improvement of performance and quality
  • Planning boards help achieve maximum efficiency with lot planning and winding machine scheduling
  • Clearer assistant shows the influence of different settings with a precise cut forecast
  • Off-Limit reports display the worst performing spindles

Functional range:

  • Data available on 8 workplaces
  • Connection of 7200 winding position
  • Automatic machine recognition
  • Compatible with different YarnMaster winding clearer generations
  • Updates via cloud
  • Remote access
  • History of setting and group changes
  • Article and clearer settings management
  • Shift calendar
  • Reports can be exported in standards formats
  • Report configurator
  • Lab report


Optimize for profitability – with the MillMaster ”Planning Board”




Yarn quality control for winding

  • Off-color
  • Polypropylene
  • Foreign matter