Get the most out of rotor yarn

The YarnMaster® 3N1 is the most sophisticated and highperformance device for rotor yarn clearing, that combines three key functions into one unit: basic yarn clearing, foreign matter detection, and secure detection of synthetic foreign matter like white and transparent polypropylene.

The YarnMaster® 3N1 uses a combination of optical and electronic sensors to detect and remove any impurities in the yarn. In addition to the basic functions as mentioned at EOS, 3N1 offers two more important advantages for those spinners who have very high demands on their rotor yarn.

  • The foreign matter sensor detects any foreign materials in the yarn, such as pieces of metal, plastic, or other contaminants, and automatically stops the production process. This prevents damage to the machinery and ensures that the final product is free of defects.
  • The triboelectric sensor can clear and classify synthetic foreign matter, including white and transparent PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) foils, as well as PES (polyester)

3N1 can be easily integrated into existing textile machinery. It provides real-time monitoring and control of the yarn production process, ensuring that the final product, is free from defects and meets the highest standards of quality and consistency.


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The trusted choice for rotor yarn clearing

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