The trusted choice for rotor yarn clearing

The YarnMaster® EOS provides the most reliable yarn clearing results in the rotor spinning process and can be mounted on the widest variety of machines in the market. YarnMaster®  EOS features an optical sensor that offers unrivaled stability and enables accurate yarn clearing with a low cut rate, tailored to the desired yarn quality.

The optoelectronic technology brings yarn inspection and quality assessment closest to that of the human eye. The YarnMaster® EOS fulfills the combined requirements for consistent yarn quality and maximum machine efficiency.

YarnMaster EOS offers:

  • Reliable quality control for the wide range of Ne 3 to Ne 100
  • Constant yarn quality under all production conditions, such as temperature, humidity or the material to be processed
  • 100% online quality assurance without complex laboratory measurements
  • Maximum of machine efficiency
  • Intuitive user interface for advanced yarn clearer functions

YarnMaster® EOS features:

  • Fault classification with detection of spinning process related faults (NSLT)
  • Detection of yarn faults such as piecer, yarn count, irregularity, sliver faults and imperfections
  • Fast and reliable detection of periodic faults to prevent moiré effects in the fabric
  • Detection of yarn hairiness
  • Reliable detection of cluster faults


Yarn quality on open-end machines


Get the most out of rotor yarn

  • Polypropylene
  • Foreign fibers
  • Yarn count