How to benefit from PRISMA

Profitability, Efficiency and Quality

By utilizing PRISMA's innovative technologies and clever software, spinning mills can experience a multitude of benefits including increased profitability, superior yarn quality, and effortless operations. The cutting-edge yarn monitoring system has been proven to maintain top yarn quality while simultaneously enhancing clearing efficiency through reduced cut-rates.

Discover the world of clever yarn clearing with PRISMA. Explore its various functionalities that help optimize the production process for greater profits. Gain valuable insights from field studies and follow step-by-step tutorials to get started with this game-changing technology.


Discover the endless potential provided by PRISMA's unparalleled technology and clever software.

Basic yarn clearing

Contamination control

Effortless operation

Special applications

Source of yarn faults

PRISMA Field Studies

Field study results prove the power of PRISMA for cost savings, clearing efficiency, profitability, final fabric quality and much more.

Setting tutorials

Helpful step-by-step setting tutorials allow an easy start into the most clever yarn clearing.

  • Visual creation of a clearing curve - Tutorial

  • Rebuilt NSLT clearing curve of previous Loepfe yarn clearers - Tutorial

  • Rebuilt NSLT clearing curve of any third-party system - Tutorial

  • Import NSLT & splice settings from ZENIT+ - Tutorial

  • Setting proposal based on yarn parameters - Tutorial

  • Full setting support for new articles - Tutorial


Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation