WeftMaster CUT-iT

Thermal fabric cutting

WeftMaster CUT-iT is the ideal fabric cutter system for thermal cutting from thin and light to dense and heavy synthetic fabrics. All applications with a high quality demand benefit from this innovative solution.

  • Perfect results for sensitive and finest fabrics such as medical filters and screen printing meshes
  • Constant high-quality selvedges for dense or heavy fab­rics like carpet backings, airbags, geotextiles and 3D
  • Precise performance for maximum safety at fast machine starts and stops
  • Cuts coarse fabrics into numerous ribbons thanks to Client-Server functionality
  • 10 user-defined settings are addable to the 5 predefined

  • One control unit operates up to four hot wire cutters at highest power

  • Over 100 hot wire cutters can be controlled in Cli­ent-Server mode

  • Easy retrofit solution for all weaving machine types and WeftMaster TC1

  • Runs from industry standard 24V power supply


Higher quality and faster article change with WeftMaster® CUT-iT


Weavers take no risk. Ready for more safety?

Hot Wire Cutters

Cutters with thermal and electrical insulating ceramic body