WeftMaster® FALCON-i

Optical yarn defects sensor

The yarn defect sensor WeftMaster® FALCON-i is a unique sensor that detects smallest yarn defects, knots and other irregularities in filament yarns and tapes used in various manufacturing processes of high value technical fabrics.

WeftMaster® FALCON-i
  • Prevents smallest yarn defects in fabrics

    Application example: Carbon fabrics

  • Applicable independently from machine

    Application example: Tire cords

  • Easy, intuitive user interface

    Application example: Sailcloth

The optical defect sensor FALCON-i is an important innovation for flawless production of technical fabrics.

With its autonomous operation and intuitive user interface, the sensor makes it easy to select the desired quality level with just one button.

How to benefit

WeftMaster® FALCON-i is unique in detecting the smallest faults in multifilaments. The areas of application are many and varied.

Discover how to benefit

Removing smallest knots, fluff and filamentation

Fault 1 fluff 1

dTex 470: fluff

Fault 2 stretch fault 1

dTex 860: stretch fault

Fault 3 filamentation 2

dTex 1100: filamentation

Fault 4 fluff 2

dTex 470: filamentation

Fault 5 filamentation 4

dTex 1100: filamentation

Fault 6 filamentation 3

dTex 1100: filamentation

Adaptive quality control

Adaptive quality control

To monitor unwanted yarn faults on the running threads, the WeftMaster FALCON-i is installed before or after a weft feeder.​

  1. Between cone and prewinder
    Prevents that the knot is erroneously woven.
  2. Between prewinder and weft sensor
    Detection of errors wich can occur on the prewinder or deflections.
  3. After weft sensor
    Detection of errors wich can occur on the prewinder, weft sensor or deflections.
WeftMaster® FALCON-i Brochure


Rec KW 02

WeftMaster® KW

Detects knots in running yarns

  • Guarantee zero-defect manufacturing
  • Reliably detects all knots in running yarn
  • Fast reaction for high machine efficiency