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Pioneering sensor technology in textile innovation

Loepfe has redefined the landscape in textile manufacturing through cutting-edge sensor technology. For decades, Loepfe has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the textile industry, elevating the standards of quality and precision. Loepfe's sensors are designed to deliver unparalleled accuracy in detecting even the slightest imperfections in yarns before they are processed into a fabric. The range of innovation extends to yarn clearers, weft stop motions, and electronic tensioners.

But for Loepfe, it does not end with sensor technology. Finding and shaping sensor solutions means offering products, parts, services, and technologies to customers as part of a broader system. Through a diligent exploration of needs and application pain points, a deep understanding of markets delivers best-in-class and clever textile quality control systems.

And a clever textile quality control system makes a spinning mill profitable and efficient, and ultimately, makes everyday work for operators easier in spinning mills.

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Advanced optical sensor technology

At the heart of Loepfe's yarn clearers lies advanced optical sensor technology. These sensors are designed to meticulously scan the yarn as it is being produced. They can detect a wide range of imperfections, such as knots, slubs, foreign fibers, thin and thick spots, and even color variations. The precision and sensitivity of these sensors are remarkable, allowing for the detection of defects that might escape the naked eye. This level of precision allows manufacturers to make immediate adjustments, reducing waste and enhancing productivity. With Loepfe's sensors, textile producers can now maintain consistent quality throughout the entire production process, from raw materials to the final product.

Sustainability through efficiency

As the textile industry grapples with sustainability challenges, Loepfe's sensor technology offers a solution. By minimizing defects and optimizing production, these sensors contribute to reducing material waste and energy consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also the textile manufacturers.

Global impact and innovation

Loepfe's commitment to innovation extends far beyond the confines of a single factory or region. These sensors are used by textile manufacturers around the globe, enabling the production of fabrics that meet the demands of a rapidly changing market. From fashion to automotive textiles, Loepfe's sensors are the bedrock of quality and innovation.

About Loepfe

Since its establishment in 1955 by the brothers Helmut and Erich Loepfe, the company has been the pace­setter for innovation in textile quality control. Loepfe has established itself in the field of optical yarn clearers with pioneering achievements. Today, Loepfe is considered worldwide as the specialist for integral quality control systems. 50% of worldwide staple yarn production is monitored by Loepfe yarn clearers.

The headquarters is in Wetzikon/Switzerland where Loepfe employs approximately 150 employees. The pro­duction location Switzerland guarantees stability and reliability. All Loepfe products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Loepfe is represented in all important textile markets by an international network of representations and service locations.

Loepfe quality is based on our employees‘ unique know-how and many years of experience. They do outstan­ding work. Loepfe invests systematically in research and development. We know the complex requirements of the textile industry and provide tailor-made solutions and state-of-the-art technology. We keep an eye on the future and are working on tomorrow’s solutions, today.


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  1. FIRST yarn clearer with dual measurement

    YarnMaster® PRISMA - A WORLD FIRST

    • DM-Sensor (Dual Measurement)
    • RGB F-Sensor
    • P4-Sensor 4rd Generation
    History YarnMaster® PRISMA
  2. The trusted choice for rotor yarn clearing

    YarnMaster® EOS

    • Reliable quality control
    • Unrivaled production stability
    • 100% online quality assurance
    History eos
  3. Thermal fabric separation

    WeftMaster® CUT-iT

    Digitally controlled thermo
    cutters for separation of
    fusible synthetic fabrics

    History cut it2
  4. Proficient yarn clearing

    YarnMaster® ZENIT+

    • P3-Sensor 3rd Generation
    • Polypropylene
    • Extended classification for Fancy Yarn
    History zenit plus
  5. Optical yarn defects sensor for filament yarns

    WeftMaster® FALCON-i

    • Prevents smallest yarn defects in fabrics
    • Applicable independently from machine
    • Easy, intuitive user interface
    History falcon i
  6. For rotor yarn clearing

    YarnMaster® 1N1
    Online detection of moiré effects,
    yarn count faults, sliver faults
    and CV% off-standard

    History 1n1
  7. Get the most out of rotor yarn

    YarnMaster® 3N1

    • Consistent basic yarn clearing
    • Reliable foreign matter detection
    • Secure detection of white and transparent polypropylene
    History 3n1
  8. P2 polypropylene sensor

    YarnMaster® ZENIT(C)

    • P2-Sensor 2nd Generation
    • Polypropylene
    • LZE-III
    History zenit c
  9. PIONEER in the detection of polypropylene

    YarnMaster® ZENIT

    • First Polypropylene simultaneous dark/bright foreign matter
    • First Touch Screen
    • LED Information Interface on Sensing Head
    History YarnMaster® ZENIT
  10. PIONEER in the detection of hairiness

    YarnMaster® SPECTRA

    • LabPack
      - online IPI
      - online SFI and SFI/D
    History YarnMaster® SPECTRA
  11. PIONEER in the detection of foreign matters

    YarnMaster® 800/900

    • First Foreign matter detection.
    • First online Classification.
    • MillMaster - Centralized
    History YarnMaster® 800
  12. FIRST electronic weft brake for projectile looms

    WeftMaster® SFB

    Automatic weft thread brake
    for projectile and
    rapier weaving machines

    History WeftMaster® SFB
  13. Detects all knots in running yarn

    WeftMaster® KW-1

    • Fast reaction for high machine efficiency
    • Processes all kinds of yarns
    • Easy operation and easy change of settings
    History kw2
  14. Weft stop motion for air-jet weaving machines

    WeftMaster® SWA

    • High reliability for detection, avoiding false machine stops
    • Even with threads as thin as 7μm (which is ten times thinner than a human hair!)
    History swa
  15. Universal piezoelectric yarn stop motion.

    WeftMaster® FWL

    • Finest yarns up to coarse tapes are reliably monitored
    • For yarn, thread, and tape processing machines
    • Without additional tension and with only little deviation
    History fwl
  16. Weft stop motion for projectile weaving machine

    WeftMaster® SFW

    • High reliability for detection, avoiding false machine stops
    • Even with threads as thin as 7μm (which is ten times thinner than a human hair!)
    History sfw
  17. Weft stop motion for rapier weaving machines

    WeftMaster® SW-G

    • High reliability for detection, avoiding false machine stops
    • Even with threads as thin as 7μm (which is ten times thinner than a human hair!)
    History sw g
  18. FIRST Loepfe yarn clearer

    WeftMaster® FR1

    • Length
    • Diameter
    History FR2
  19. FIRST electronic weft monitoring in the textile industry

    WeftMaster® LF

    Opto-electronic bobbin feeler
    for shuttle weaving machines

    History LF2