Discover how to benefit from YarnMaster® PRISMA

Discover the endless potential provided by PRISMA's unparalleled technology and clever software. Experience the benefits of its multitude of features, while learning valuable tips and exploring examples to elevate your expertise. Backed by field study results, PRISMA demonstrates its prowess in delivering cost savings, enhancing clearing efficiency, boosting profitability, improving final fabric quality, and much more.

PRISMA features and its benefits

Maximize the potential of each feature by immersing yourself in practical examples and expert tips that will elevate your knowledge to new heights.

Most efficient basic yarn clearing

Best contamination control

  • All-color foreign matter detection – new ways in terms of quality, profitability and raw material utilization
  • Clever organic matter filtering – cut reduction with color-oriented selection of organic material in disturbing or non-disturbing
  • Color mapping – new possibilities in raw material selection, blending, and cleaning
  • F-cluster – master challenging fault occurrences like foreign matter accumulation
  • OffColor – prevent barré and shade variations within the end fabric

Effortless operation

Special applications

  • Core yarns – reliable detection of offcenter and missing cores

Source of yarn faults

PRISMA field study results

Field study results prove the power of PRISMA for cost savings, clearing efficiency, profitability, final fabric quality and much more.

Basic yarn clearing

  • Retrofit and save costs – total cost savings/year in USD/winding machine USD 2516.40 NE 30. Field study results on productivity (cut-rate), resulting fabric quality and cost savings
  • Better final fabric quality – end fabric with 55% lower total contamination. Field study results on total cut rate and contamination in the final fabric

Contamination control

PRISMA testimonials & setting tutorials

Gain insights from our valued customers as they share their experiences with our clever yarn clearing system. And profit from step-by-step tutorials for a seamless implementation


Setting tutorials