WeftMaster® FWL

Yarn stop motion

The WeftMaster FWL is a versatile sensor designed for yarn, thread, and tape processing machines. It continuously monitors the movement of the thread and detects any disruptions such as yarn loss, breakage, or the end of the yarn, triggering an immediate reaction from the machine.

WeftMaster® FWL
  • Accepts all yarn applications

    finest yarns up to coarse tapes are reliably monitored. Application example: Feeding bags

  • Wide range of applications

    for yarn, thread, and tape processing machines

  • Minimal thread tension

    without additional tension and with only little deviation

For yarn, thread, and tape processing machines

Its flexibility allows it to be mounted in various ways and directions, making it suitable for machines with limited space or difficult conditions.

The sensor covers a wide spectrum, reliably detecting and monitoring a diverse range of yarns, from fine threads to coarse tapes like synthetic rattan and carbon tapes.

How to benefit

The WeftMaster® FWL continuously monitors the presence of a thread used in the production process in many areas of application.

Discover how to benefit

Accepts all yarn applications

The scope of application of FWL is extremely wide. Finest yarns up to coarse tapes (for example synthetic rattan and carbon tapes) are reliably monitored. The monitoring of the weft insertion is performed on the overall fabric width and even works for different weft yarns.

Minimal thread tension

The weft yarn moves over the sensing device without additional tension and with only little deviation. The sensing device has a flat surface, which makes it ideal for monitoring tape threads.

Fast reaction

In case of a missing thread, a signal is sent to the machine, which causes the machine to stop immediately. The WeftMaster FWL detects any type of yarn outages such as yarn loss, yarn breakage or end of the yarn.

WeftMaster® FWL brochure


Rec SW 02

WeftMaster® SW

Detects any yarn break or yarn stoppage of the weft yarn

  • Instant detection of a weft fault
  • Fast response for high machine efficiency
  • Works with all types of yarn