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Loepfe’s digitally controlled thermo cutters for separation of synthetic fabrics guarantee top quality selvedges. The precise heat control allows application in the field of highly demanding end-products and ensures comfortable downstream processing. As frayed, discolored or even burnt edges are no longer an issue, the WeftMaster CUT-iT is the perfect solution for technical fabrics.

Thermal fabric separation on weaving and tricot knitting machines


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Cutting the Fabric with Hot Wire Cutters

In many cases woven fabrics need additional treatment after the weaving process. First of all it is very important to avoid unravelling or fraying of the warp and weft thread at the edges of the fabric. Depending on the weaving technique the so-called selvedge is the result of the weaving process itself. For synthetic fibers there is an additional option: heat treatment of the woven fabric. In many applications the fabric is cut with a hot wire cutter, which melts the fiber at the cutting edge and thereby prevents fraying.

Temperature Control for perfect selvedges

The quality of the selvedges is crucial in many applications. Perfectly cut selvedges are an important basis for a high quality of the final product. The precision can only be guaranteed with temperature controlled hot wire cutters. Many fabrics have to be coated after weaving. Thick selvedges, which may be the result of too high temperatures during the cutting process, can damage and increase the wear of the coating machines. Many other applications of synthetic fabrics, like carpet backing or clothing labels, require a high quality and evenness of the selvedges as well. The controlled temperature of the wire cutter, which can be precisely adapted to the application, helps to meet the quality demands.

Hot Wire Thermal Cutters for all Applications

The digitally controlled Hot Wire Thermo Cutters from Loepfe are perfect tools to separate fusible synthetic fabrics and produce a selvedge of highest quality in the same process step. They can be used for very thin and light fabrics or for dense and heavy fabrics alike. Too low temperatures could result in fraying of the fabric, thick and burned selvedges are a result of too high temperatures. Only the control unit from Loepfe offers perfectly controlled temperatures and hence guarantees sustained high quality in thermo cutting.

Our customers know – with Loepfe their production is under control.