Yarn Control

for all types of machines

Loepfe’s yarn control technology includes the optical yarn defect sensor WeftMaster FALCON-i which detects even the smallest filamentation, fluff and knots within different processes, whilst the piezo-electrical knot detector WeftMaster KW reliably monitors all knots in the running yarn. In addition, unnoticed yarn breaks and yarn stoppages belong to the past with the yarn stop motion WeftMaster FWL.

Detects smallest yarn defects during fabric manufacturing process

Yarn Stop Motion - Any yarn break or yarn stoppage


Knot detector
All knots in running yarn


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Yarn Control

Weaving Solutions

YARN CONTROL In Textile Production Processes

Weaving is among the major textile production processes. Although garments come to our minds immediately, plenty of other products are based on woven fabrics as well. Quality assurance is especially necessary in safety-critical applications of technical textiles. Typical examples include airbags for the automotive industry, tire cords for automotive and aircraft tires, bullet-proof vests, and climbing ropes. Quality control measures are an absolute must during production of these products as production errors could have fatal consequences.

The Importance of yarn control

The yarn is the raw material in the weaving process. To ensure the quality of the end product, the insertion of the weft yarn has to be monitored. In case of a weft break the machine has to be stopped immediately to allow the operator to correct the fault. Knots or weak places in the yarn could result in defects in the final fabric. Therefore these quality issues also have to be detected reliably. Modern optical yarn defect sensors are able to recognize even very small defects in the yarn. With the help of these sensors smallest knots, fluff or even filamentation can be eliminated from the fabric.

Solutions for all types of weaving machines

Loepfe offers yarn control sensors based on different detection methods. The customized overall solutions for machine manufacturers ensure 100 % weft thread insertion in the weaving process. The advantages of Loepfe´s yarn control solutions are manifold: the machine manufacturer can fully rely on the comprehensive experience in the area of filling thread insertion.

Our customers know – with Loepfe their production is under control.