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Loepfe products are used in a wide variety of industries to guarantee zero-defect manufacturing. This is true for the foodstuffs industry. The WeftMaster FWL, yarn stop motion, takes on an important control function when filling animal feed bags.

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The often fully automated bagging systems seal the feed bags immediately after filling. Particular attention is paid to the correct sewing of the thread through the robust bags. The feed sacks are designed for high loads so that they can withstand the pressure caused by stacking, for example, even on long transportation routes. The most sensitive part is therefore the closure. Thus, manufacturers rely on the WeftMaster FWL sensors to monitor the closing process. The WeftMaster FWL continuously monitors whether the thread used for securing the feed bag is always present. If this is not the case, a signal is immediately sent to the bagging machine, which causes the machine to stop. The WeftMaster FWL detects any type of yarn outages such - as yarn loss, yarn breakage or end of the yarn.

Without this immediate signal and the resulting stoppage of the machine, feed bags that are not correctly sealed would continue to be processed. The feed bags could then open at any further point in the process, whether during loading, transportation or on-site at the customer’s location. This would inevitably lead to complaints from the transporter or the end-customer.

With the WeftMaster FWL, mills of all types can be sure when filling their goods that the closure will always meet their high standards and that they can be confident of delivering a perfectly packaged product to their customers.

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