Tutorial: Best practice for lot management in MillMaster TOP - Make your daily business easier

1. Challenge

Continuous Performance Improvement and quality assurance is a constant challenge for spinning mill supervisors. A powerful tool is required for support, which makes it easier to cope with daily work.

2. Loepfe solution

When planning a new lot, you can rely on the experience of yarns produced earlier.

By simply assigning the appropriate quality settings to the new lot constant quality is ensured and the workload is reduced enormously.

3. Resulting benefits

MillMaster TOP Lot Management helps to achieve the required yarn quality and makes you daily business easier.

  1. The Lot Management helps you to maintain the same yarn quality standard for a certain customer.
  2. Clearer setting or group setting changes done on the winding machines during production time of a lot will be immediately highlighted. This makes it easy to track and initiate the necessary measures.
  3. The Lot Management helps you to save time because article settings and yarn clearer settings once prepared are stored for future use and can simply be reassigned to new lots and send to various winding machines.
  4. Important information such as the current production status of a lot, kilograms already produced or the amount still to be produced, are visualized in Lot Management and modifications can be made, if necessary.