How to enter the era of effortless operation in yarn clearing

Introducing YarnMaster® PRISMA's Autoclearing - the perfect solution for ease of use in yarn clearing. Time and resources are saved while efficiency and quality remain stable at the highest level. PRISMA Autoclearing offers the cleverest and most effortless yarn clearing experience on the market - including the features Autostart and Autocorrect.

The PRISMA software update 2023-H1 contains the new function Autostart and improved Autocorrect - providing the ultimate solution for spinners’ yarn clearing needs.

Autostart offers the fastest and safest way to create secure settings for new and existing articles. The clever software automatically creates clearing curves for all matrixes, based on yarn quality data from the first 100km/group. This reduces the need to manually go through all matrixes and their curve settings.

PRISMA Autostart is a must-have for any quality manager. It saves up to one hour of setting time when creating a new article. Likewise, the persons in charge can be sure that with PRISMA’s built-in intelligence, the winding process is set up for optimum performance. It provides a balance between yarn quality and machine efficiency. It also assists new operators and prevents the production of insufficient yarn quality due to incorrect settings. In addition, new commissioning of winding machines is also simplified as the clearer system supports the initial job of adjustments.

After the completion of the Autostart, the curves can be fine-tuned according to the individual needs, if required. As further support, the trusted Loepfe Testmode can be used for fine-tuning the settings.

If changes are necessary during the winding process, the operators can rely on the Autocorrect function. Autocorrect can be used to readjust the clearing curve based on the quality data of running articles. This ensures a quick and correct reaction to changes at any time. Furthermore, the sensitivity level of Autocorrect can be used to finetune clearing curves very precisely. The cut forecast provides an overview of the rising or falling cuts of the planned changes. This allows decision-making with a balance of efficiency and quality in mind.

PRISMA’s clever yarn clearing is the ultimate solution for spinning mills, providing support and security, optimum user experience, and time and cost savings.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart

Based on the main yarn parameters, the clearing mode can be selected. By default, Autostart is activated.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart pop up message

This pop-up message informs the user about the possibility of later fine-tuning.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart overview matrixes

Matrixes that will be automatically started are highlighted in a blue color to indicate that Autostart is active.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart article overview

The active Autostart modus is also highlighted in blue in the article overview.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart curve at start

Autostart: Example NSLT matrix: The default setting right from the start-up.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart curve at 50 km group

Autostart: Example NSLT matrix: Optimized clearing curves at 50 km/group.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - autoclearing autostart curve at 100 kmgroup

Autostart: Example NSLT matrix: Optimized clearing curves at 100 km/group.