How to manage offstandard bobbins effectively

YarnMaster® PRISMA centralized alarm management provides the perfect overview to manage OffStandard bobbins effectively.

YarnMaster® PRISMA - Centralized alarm management overview for offstandard bobbins

New centralized alarm management – boosts ease of use

An effective way to manage OffStandard bobbins is now provided. PRISMA’s centralized alarm management shows all settings of repetitive yarn faults at a glance. This simplifies alarm management and enables the user to set all allowed cut repetitions per bobbin at one central point. Furthermore, greater control over the production process is provided. This centralized alarm management view is available for every fault type and provides the perfect overview to manage OffStandard bobbins effectively.

New functionalities of PRISMA software update 2022-H2

The alerting of bobbins with yarn faults or yarn structure deviations, that occur in an unacceptable quantity, is one of the most important tasks of intelligent yarn clearing. Cutting is one way to eliminate faults, however the more economical and sustainable way is to optimize clearer settings based on detailed knowledge about fault diameters, fault lengths and deviations from set limits.

Through regular software updates, PRISMA keeps adding new features and now offers:

  • New Length limit alarm – Boosts winding machine and production efficiency with fewer splices and less hard waste.
  • New Bobbin startup alarm – Detects bobbins with the wrong count, and optionally with the wrong color, within the first wound 20m resulting in less hard waste and correct classification of the cut, improving the monitoring of the material process.
  • Optimized and centralized alarm management – Centralized alarm management for OffStandard bobbins and their repetitive faults.