Time to turn data into benefits - Yarn faults and their sources

To improve yarn production, identifying and eliminating the root cause of any faults is crucial. Therefore, Loepfe has developed the new "Classification of yarn faults and their sources" chart. Drawing on years of expertise from spinning professionals around the world, this comprehensive resource outlines all the major factors that can contribute to defects in the yarn - allowing everyone in the spinning mill to quickly pinpoint potential issues and take corrective action as needed.

The "Classification of yarn faults and their sources" chart is based on the classification matrix of the YarnMaster® yarn clearers and provides countless preventive measures to minimize yarn faults in all classes, due to the mentioned possible causes. By merging cutting-edge technology and ingenious software, the YarnMaster® systems are capable of the most precise recognition and classification of yarn faults. Allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this data.

The chart offers clear instructions to optimize raw material, spinning preparation and the end spinning process – leading to a significant increase in yarn production, efficiency and quality.

YarnMaster® - Classification of yarn faults and their sources

Classification and possible source of origin

YarnMaster® - Classification of yarn faults and their sources

For example: A fault with a C4 classification has several possible causes which can be found in the "Classification of yarn faults and their sources" chart. Two of the most common causes is a top roller pressure variation in ring spinning frame or drafting faults. Class B2 faults often originate from damaged aprons or unclean drafting units at the ring spinning frame. For spinners, these examples are very well known. To understand this though, a considerable amount of expertise is required. But worry not, just look it up on the "Classification of yarn faults and their sources" chart. By referring to this invaluable reference and comparing it with the classification matrixes, the issue can easily be identified and addressed with appropriate action.