The solution for core yarns

Elastic yarns are more popular than ever. Yarns with two or three components are today used successfully for stretch fabrics in the varying fabric constructions and final applications. The optical measuring principle of the Loepfe yarn clearers also shows its advantages here.

001 core yarn EN


Special attention in the production process has been paid to feed the elastanes to the fiber strand. Precise setting options of core guidance and a constant run of the filament to the fiber strand are important preconditions for faultless integration into the ring yarn.
However, there is no 100% process reliability. Core yarns where the elastanes are not perfectly spun into the fiber strand, are often the cause of costly complaints.


In view of the constantly increasing quality requirements in this higher market segment, it is more important than ever to know exactly that you can always rely on ZENIT+ yarn clearers. Loepfe provides an extremely reliable tool to safely detect even the finest irregularities of the yarn.