How to reliably remove bad twists

If a spinning mill receives complaints from its customer about increased thread breaks during the weaving process, it is not unusual that somewhere in the preceding spinning process faults have occured which have negatively affected the yarn quality. Thread breaks are no small matter, as they lead to unwanted machine downtime and greatly reduce the efficiency of the machine.

The yarn is exposed to high stresses during the weaving process and if it has weaknesses, it is more likely to break under tension. Such weaknesses can be caused, for example, by varying twists. A change of twist also changes various other yarn properties, such as strength, abrasion and pilling.

In order to reassure the customer adequately, measures must be taken to ensure that the next yarn delivery meets the usual quality requirement.


YarnMaster yarn clearers provide a reliable solution for detecting variations in yarn twist. Regardless of the number of fibers twisted together, Loepfe's dual measurement technology reliably detects variations in yarn twist, among other things by continuously monitoring of the yarn diameter, which is smaller for a higher twisted yarn than for a lower twisted yarn. The combination with the simultaneously measured mass signal provides an accurate prediction of yarn density/twist.


The integration of Loepfe yarn clearers into the winding process offers a wide range of possibilities for continuous monitoring and production of the desired yarn quality, thus saving the spinner from costly complaints.

In addition, conclusions about faults arising from preparation and processes can be drawn. In this case, the collected data from the yarn clearers show and alert the spinner about the increasing number of faulty twists. This information allows for a direct intervention at the source of the process fault. For instance, defective ring spindles or soiled spindle drive belts often lead to major twist faults.

With Loepfe YarnMaster clearers, every spinning mill can easily find its own optimum in efficiency and quality - and thus achieve highest profitability and customer satisfaction.

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