Polypropylene sensor P3

Tribo-electric yarn clearing technology – the one and only approved solution!

008 polypropylene


  • material: cotton and cotton blends
  • yarn count: Nm 7 – 540, Nec 4 – 320
  • winding speed: up to 2000 m/min
  • wet splicing: possible


  • even white and transparent PP faults in blend cotton yarn will be detected by the tribo-electric sensor
  • elimination of even the smallest disturbing fibers in the winding process at highest winding rates

Operation principle

  • while the yarn passes the P-Sensor, the fibers exchange electrons with the sensor. This effect is referred to as „triboelectric effect“.
  • when a synthetic fiber passes the electrode of the sensor, it is detected because of the triboelectric voltage difference.
  • the YarnMaster yarn clearer thus detects synthetic foreign matter, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide (nylon) etc.