Tutorial: Testmode balance efficiency and quality

Maintaining a balance between efficiency and quality is a constant challenge for spinning mill supervisors. If either of these two factors gets out of synch, then immediate action is needed. For example, if the quality of the yarn produced is good, but the efficiency of the winding machine is too low, steps should be taken to realign the processes.

Tutorial Testmode


Where quality is satisfactory but efficiency is too low, a decision has to be made about whether the exclusions selected in the yarn clearer settings are all really necessary for achieving the desired quality.

To help you with this, Loepfe YarnMaster yarn clearers offer the ideal solution - the «Testmode» feature.
By using the «Testmode», winding trials can be carried out to determine the most suitable clearer settings for specific yarn faults. Considerations at this stage should include:

  • Specific yarn faults, which would affect the fabric appearance.
  • Specific yarn faults, which would have a negative impact on subsequent processes, like knitting, weaving preparation and finishing.
  • Maintaining optimal production level of the winding machine.

When a fault is detected, the «Testmode» interrupts the winding process to allow manual inspection of a yarn fault before the automatic splicing cycle removes the faulty piece.


An alert is provided for any kind of fault – whether caused by yarn structure, foreign matter or polypropylene fibers – and allows manual quality inspection for verification of yarn clearer settings.
After the collected yarn faults have been put on the yarn board, they can be analyzed and decisions made on their level of importance. Evaluation should consider whether the number of cuts is low enough to guarantee high machine efficiency, yet is still high enough to fulfill a buyer's quality expectations.

With Loepfe YarnMaster’s exclusive «Testmode», every spinning mill can easily find their own optimum balance between efficiency and quality - and thus achieve highest profitability and customer satisfaction.